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The New Impreza returns to the UK

You can sense it when you drive a Subaru. There’s a rewarding sense of possibility, security and eagerness built into each and every one. And you can feel it in the Subaru Impreza, starting with the one-of-a-kind combination of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the balance of the SUBARU BOXER engine for a heightened driving experience. What’s under the skin of the Impreza lets you savour its captivating design, fuel-sipping efficiency and thoughtful engineering while reminding you that the highest standards of safety are surrounding those you love most.

Discover the joy of knowing the Impreza watches out for your needs to keep up with your life. It’s filled with rewarding features and intelligent design to make sure you are travelling in style and comfort, even on the road less travelled. The Impreza delivers power in harmony with control, giving you an exhilarating connection to the road that you can count on every time you get behind the wheel.


The Impreza gives you ease and efficient use of space

Everything about the Impreza’s design—even the compact engineering of its rear suspension—goes into making it a car you’ll love to live with. With a wide luggage area, it handles large cargo with little effort. What’s more, 60/40 split rear seats easily fold individually or together with just one, so you can easily take on longer items, too. Its design even makes getting in and out easy. The Impreza is flexible, without requiring you to be. The versatile 5-Door Impreza can take on five passengers and five carry-on suitcases at the same time. The nearly square rear gate opening eases loading, and the rear seats fold level with the load floor, whilst cargo hooks help you secure your belongings.


Bigger ideas for little spaces

Beyond roomy, the Impreza offers a place for life’s little things, too.
Pockets in each door include bottle holders. The centre console includes
cup holders, a tray, and a padded armrest that opens to reveal added
storage and a 12-V power outlet.





Engine type: Horizontally-opposed, 4 cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC 16-valve, Boxer petrol engine

Transmission: 5 Speed Manual or Lineartronic (Continually Variable Transmission - CVT)

0 - 62 mph

12.3 sec

Top Speed

114 mph


1600 cc

Response and efficiency are in the DNA of the Impreza because it comes with a combination of two unique technologies that were made especially for one another - the latest Subaru Boxer engine combined with a choice of two transmissions. 

Third Generation Boxer Engine.

Few other cars drive with the fun and eagerness of Impreza, so you won’t be surprised by how uniquely it is accomplished. The horizontally-opposed configuration of the SUBARU BOXER engine places the pistons 180 degrees apart, for a lower, flatter profile than other engine types. This gives the engine, and therefore the overall vehicle, a lower centre of gravity and a more balanced distribution of weight. Further, the pistons’ opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration.

To create the latest generation SUBARU BOXER engine, engineers painstakingly reviewed the effectiveness of every valve, port and piston, resulting in an engine that is lighter and uses fuel more efficiently. Not only does the engine achieve impressive efficiency, but it offers robust low-end torque response—meaning you’ll feel immediate, satisfying response every time the accelerator is pressed.

Lineartronic + Active Torque Split AWD.

The Impreza achieves inspiring levels of response and efficiency with our Lineartronic automatic transmission. By keeping the engine running in its optimal rev range and preserving the momentum that’s often lost during a gear shift, this unique transmission dramatically maximises fuel efficiency. And thanks to a compact and lightweight configuration designed specially to work with the SUBARU BOXER engine, it ensures quick response and engaging performance. It’s longitudinally paired with an active torque split AWD system that responds to traction conditions, the transmission and driver inputs by continuously controlling the torque distribution front to rear.

5-Speed Manual Transmission + Viscous Centre Differential AWD.

Geared for response and control, the 5-speed manual transmission allows you to define your own personal driving style. It features hill start assist to help you avoid rolling when starting on a hill. Also, it’s paired with an AWD system utilising a viscous limited-slip centre differential (LSD). Whenever the balance of traction changes, the LSD instantaneously redistributes the torque to the front and rear.



Because the engine block and its location enables a flatter profile and sits lower in the Impreza's chassis, the car’s overall stance is more stable, blessed with greater balance and is more resistant to body roll than many other designs. It is no error of judgement and Subaru owners know that the overriding appeal is significant.


Throughout the rev-range the Boxer engine delivers immediate, responsive power smoothly, in a refined manner and without effort. The pistons lie flat and work against each other to reduce vibrations, aspects that make the ride as smooth and comfortable as it is exciting and engaging for the driver. The long-term benefits are myriad but include reduced strain and stress on car, driver and passengers, factors that enhance overall safety.


The engine’s ‘flat’ configuration is inherently rigid and self-balancing, while generating less vibration than 'V-type' or 'in-line' piston engines, for greater durability and more dependable performance.

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