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Greens Motors started as a business in 1846. Back then, over 160 years ago, we operated as an ironmonger's shop in Haverfordwest High Street, later developing into the sale and repair of cycles and motorcycles in the early 1900’s. Around 1907 the company sold its first motor car, and it has sold thousands since!

The present day Greens companies were born out of Stephen Green's astute recognition of the golden opportunity presented to him by the sale of Mrs Twyning's ironmonger's shop in High Street. Forseeing the potential of building up his own business, he quit his job in the prestigious London store, Benham's in Wigmore Street. He bought Mrs Twyning's premises next door to the brand new Shire Hall in what has been only a decade earlier part of the town's Short Row, and, when the young Queen Victoria's reign was only nine years old, he launched a business that was to flourish and develop into the largest ironmonger's in South Wales.

Just 61 years later it sold it's first motor car and, just after the First World War branched out even further into public transport when it took the first major step of becoming a Limited Company.

The Company was one of the first worldwide to represent Land Rover, and is proud to have held this relationship since 1948. Over the years the Company has developed into a dominant force in motor repair and retailing and we now represent Jaguar, Land Rover as agents, with very close specialist repair and parts links with Mitsubishi, Citroen, LDV, MG and Rover.


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